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Taller Mecanico y Renting S.L.

Workshop / Car repair

We repair your car….

If you have a real fantastic car and need a small fix – we can help.

If you have an old car making your days harder, let us help you.

To say this in a other way more direct:
Have you a deluxe problem with you high-end car – we will understand and help you.
If you have an older car, a problem, we can also help…
We are cheap, we are effective and we treat all clients the same.

Car Wrap

We do the car wrap…..

We har a skilled team of specialists that can swap your cars color and design – no alone does this make your car the color you dream of, it also keep the value of any car, as the Wrap can be removed again and you car will be back as it was before.

Also remember a wrap will protect your car, from a lot of scratches and small irritating errors.

We also offer a clear-film protection for your car, in all this places where scratches come, doors, trunks, handles ect.

Tinted windows

Get your windows black/dark…..

Here in Spain we have sun and we all use sunglasses.

This is both a way to eliminate the light.

We look more “cool”.

We hide something away.

Tinted windows does look cool !

We hide things in the back or trunk of the car for people to look in.

We stor a part of the sunlight to get into our cars.